Blast Away Blockages

The 6x6 Jet-Vac high volume recyclers are two of the most versatile vehicles available. The recycler is great for clearing sewage blockages, as well as more specific de-scaling and cleansing work. This modern equipment is part of our arsenal, alongside road sweepers, tankers, and suction units. 

The 6x6 Recycler

This is the ultimate off roader, developed specifically for carrying out heavy jetting jobs. It’s also incredibly efficient, with 90 gallons a minute being pushed through the jet. This is then recycled and used again, meaning nothing is wasted. This is vital for cleaning sewers and jetting lines, due to the amount of water that is required. These jets usually require filling once per day, this achieves significant water saving, and puts much less strain on our environment. In addition to the jet’s primary function, this is also ideal for regular sewer cleaning jobs, no matter the size.


  • Flexibility for on-Road or off-Road
  • 11,000 Litre (3000 Gallon) Division Tank Capacity
  • Faster Continuous Jetting, with 90 Gallons per Minute at 3000 PSI
  • Continuous Water Recycling with In-Tank Filtration and Cyclone Technology
  • Remote Controlled 5” Suction Boom
  • On-Site Recycling Saves Unnecessary Travelling and Resource Downtime
  • Remote Cassette Boom
  • 12 Function on/ off-Road Remote Controlled
  • Remote off-Road Jetting Reel on Tracks