Deep lift suction & heavy waste removal

As experts in cleaning and waste removal,  we specialise in deep-set materials, including heavy sand, sludge, clay slurry and aggregate removal. This makes way for a range of projects, including construction, engineering and infrastructure. 

Advantages of These Units

  • Capable of Lifts in Excess of 30 Meters
  • Wet and Dry Product Removal 
  • 20 Meters of 5" Remote Cassette Suction
  • Blower Suction 33000L/ Min Air Mover
  • Deep Wet Well Cleansing
  • Quarry Waste Removal 
  • Wet and Dry Aggregate Removal
  • Heavy Sand and Sludge Removal 
  • 45 Degree Tipping Capability Whilst Discharging/ Blowing
  • Saddle Water Tanks

Jetting Capabilities

  • 210 Bar 90L/ Min
  • 110 Meters of Jetting Hose
  • Blast Removal of Heavy Silts and Aggregate Evacuation
  • Blast Cleansing for Heavy Grease in Wet Wells