Deep lift suction & heavy waste removal

As experts in cleaning and waste removal,  we specialise in deep-set materials, including heavy sand, sludge, clay slurry and aggregate removal. This makes way for a range of projects, including construction, engineering and infrastructure. 

Advantages of These Units

  • Capable of Lifts in Excess of 30 Meters
  • Wet and Dry Product Removal 
  • 20 Meters of 5" Remote Cassette Suction
  • Blower Suction 33000L/ Min Air Mover
  • Deep Wet Well Cleansing
  • Quarry Waste Removal 
  • Wet and Dry Aggregate Removal
  • Heavy Sand and Sludge Removal 
  • 45 Degree Tipping Capability Whilst Discharging/ Blowing
  • Saddle Water Tanks

Jetting Capabilities

  • 210 Bar 90L/ Min
  • 110 Meters of Jetting Hose
  • Blast Removal of Heavy Silts and Aggregate Evacuation
  • Blast Cleansing for Heavy Grease in Wet Wells

Our deep lift suction Rolba units have proven invaluable to our Clients particularly within the Directional Drilling industry. With five of these vehicles now in our fleet we can utilise them across all areas of the UK and Scotland.